Tuesday, April 5, 2011

CUCM Notes.

CUCM groups Advantages:
1. Redundancy
2. Load Balancing. 

During failover from one call manager to another call manager in the CUCM group list, all active calls would be preserved, and Cisco IP phones would re-register when the existing calls are complete.

Only on Call Manager group can be used for autoregistration per cluster.

Connection Monitor Duration: 
The length of time before a phone that is using SRST fails back to a Call Manager after it has become available again.

Device Pool:
Easy way of setting up same parameters for a set of devices (phones, gateways etc.,)

Calling Search Space:
If you configure the calling search space on both device & line, then Call Manager concatenates both calling search spaces & puts line calling search space first.

Media Resource Group List (MRGL):
If a device has MRGL configured at device level as well as at device pool level, then when a Media Resource is required Call Manager first searches the MRGL of device then MRGL at device pool.
  • If a Media resource (transcoder, MTP or Conference bridge) is not assgined to any MRG then it belongs to default MRG & can be accessed accessed by Call Manager as a last resort.  This media resource can be used by any device in the Call Manager.
    • device MRGL ---> device pool MRGL ----> default MRGL.

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